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Canzon Primo (4 melodic instruments) 1994 Score and Parts




Concerto Grosso 1996 (baroque orchestra)




Mychenka Suite 1996 (flute, violin, guitar, accordion) Score Parts: flute  violin  guitar  bayan1 bayan 2

Little Mychenka Suite (chamber orchestra)

1) Prologue

2) Dance of the Flowerpickers

3) The Farmer on His Cart

4) The Landscape

5) Winterchill in the Hills Score Parts

Little Mychenka Suite (violin & guitar)

1) Dawn at the Waterside Score

2) Winterchill in the Hills Score

3) The Farmer on his Cart Score

4) Hora Score Part1 Part2

Winterchill in the Hills (from the Mychenka Suite),

(Piano Trio) Score & Parts 

(bayan & guitar) Score & (multitimbre guitar quartet) Score & Parts

Hora (from the Mychenka Suite) (guitar solo) Score (Mel Bay)

English Suite 2000 (flute, violin, guitar, accordion) (chamber orchestra):


2_Folksong no.1

3_Round Dance,

4_Folksong no.2 ,



7_The Hunt

2 English Folksongs (from the English Suite) (violin & guitar)

1) English Folksong no.1 Score

2) English Folksong no.2 Score

Narodnaja Pesnaja 1997

(flute, violin, guitar, accordion)  Score, part 1, 2, 3, 4   &

(violin & guitar) Score  Part1  Part2

5 Slavonic Dances Orchestra






4 Slavonic Dances 2000 (flute, violin, guitar, accordion) Score

Slavonic Dance no. 2 & 4 (accordion & guitar)

Slavonic Dance no. 2 (violin & guitar) Score  Part1 Part2

2 Jiddish Melodies (multitimbre guitar quartet) Score+Parts_No.3  Score+Parts_No.4

Jiddish Melody no. 1 (Orchestra) Score+Parts

Jiddish Melody no. 2 (Orchestra) Score+Parts

Swing for Two (accordion/bayan & guitar) 2000 Score

Swing for One (guitar solo) Score

English Folksong (guitar solo) Score

Jiddish Melody (guitar solo) Score




Sketches at the Seashore 2002 (orchestra) Score and Parts




Blues and Ballads (1996) (guitar solo)_sheet music: ebay etc.


Music for Theatre


Angelhair (co-author) (1996) (accordion & guitar) _no sheet music available

Chant d'Etoille (co-author) (2002) (accordion & guitar) _no sheet music available




The Eagle Flies Alone (guitar solo 2001) Score (multitimbre guitar quartet) 2002 Score Quartet

Dalton’s Creek (multitimbre guitar quartet) 2002 Score and Parts


Contemporary/20th century


Hommage a Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (violin & guitar) 2002 Score first movement Score second movement.

Chinese Lady in Landscape (multitimbre guitar quartet) 2005 Score




Estrellita (multitimbre guitar quartet) 2002 Score & Parts

Sunny (multitimbre guitar quartet) 2002 Parts

Lunes Gris (multitimbre guitar quartet) 2003 Score and gtr1 gtr2 gtr3 gtr4




Lonely nights (multitimbre guitar quartet) 2007 Score and Parts

Loos’n up (band) 2009 Vocal Part

Leavin’ it all behind (band) 2009 Vocal Score



Daichovo Horo (Bulgarian Folk Dance) (multitimbre guitar quartet) 2007 Score & Parts

SIciliene_von Paradis (Violin & Guitar)

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